About The Founders

Welcome to The RSVP Network, where with time, and soon enough REAL TIME, you can reserve stuff via portals.  Whatever you can imagine, you should be able to reserve!  Help us help you accomplish your desires! Here you will find the main platform along with blog musings on my experiences with and passion for entrepreneurship, technology, news and humble, peaceful prosperous living in general.

It is my hope that this network venture will facilitate valuable discussions and exchanges of information, as well as provide a fun outlet for me to share my experiences with the world at large.

But above all, I’m about helping you build your venture on a solid foundation that will grow with us all.

About The Founder: Arnold Armani

Born on September 1, called Labor Day.  Where Americans celebrates the day my mother gave labor to me and most Americans have an unforgettable long weekend vacation every year.  A married father of two beautiful boys, basically a family man at the age of 28, attempting to restore damages throughout the world.  I fell in love with technology at age 4, when my father first introduced me to a computer. Then, in Kindergarten, I got my first taste of DOS and computer games, it intrigued me beyond explanation.  As I got wiser I began coding with LogoWriter, quickly picked up BASIC, and later experimented with C around age 10.   Shortly thereafter mastering HTML in a months time becoming a webmaster with global ideas by the age of 12.  By 13 I began creating a syndication of Message Boards for every middle school and highschool throughout Miami (Dade County), Florida[inc. & uninc.].  Then fiddled with visual basics and went to a vocational technical institute to focus more on programming where I learned  the basics and fundamentals(i.e. screen savers, games, applications and.. programs.).

Since then, I’ve been playing with code(some call it engineering and reverse engineering), tampering with technology, and telling people how to run their businesses and lives better. Successfully. Mostly.  I’ve been told I could make a good career due to naturally being very philosophical.  I just enjoy being happy and wish everyone else the same aswell.

For the past 9 years, I have been plotting on becoming an executive with both financial and technology startups with a key focus on making sure their businesses scale — both in terms of business processes and the underpinning technologies that power them.  Along with non-profit charities to balance the power appropriately.  Pushing for a Department of Peace and Non-Violence throughout the world or atleast in America as a founding platform for others to follow.  now one of the Leaders for Miami Zeitgeist and The Venus Project.

I am one serious father on a positive direction with unquestionable honor and a pure humble heart.  Born in South Florida, the sunshine/gun-shine state, raised mostly in Miami.  Connected and respected by many while respecting the whole world, slowly connecting the whole world for GOOD.  Caring for family and neighbors from all parts of the world, looking for those similar at thought to network and take this network to the next level and to a neighbor hood near you!

For my in-depth professional background, please visit my Linkedin Profile (Under Construction).

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