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Application Programming Interface (API)

Do you know about API’s?   If so we want you to work with us!

To be relevant, you need to source and absorb the right information about the companies, people and industries your company will interface with. Gathering all this in today’s information driven world, and bringing it all into the right systems in timely manner, is challenging and time consuming.

D&B Direct is on-demand cloud access to high quality business data that enables you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate D&B data into your corporate applications or products
  • Enhance the quality and completeness of data within your business databases
  • Improve the effectiveness of your teams and business applications
  • Provide on-demand business data to the entire enterprise

Graphic/Web/Blog Design Internship Opportunity

The RSVP Network is looking for a talented and highly motivated student to intern in our Licensing department. Intern will get to work on a variety of projects including but not limited to designing products, patterns/textiles, packaging, presentations, flash, and graphics.
Rising juniors and seniors preferred. Strong skills in Adobe Creative Suite are required.

Computer Skills required- Strong Knowledge of Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop.
This internship will consist of the following responsibilities- Assist design team with a variety of product, pattern work, web blasts, packaging, store signage, & printed materials. We look for interns who have a strong color sense & are comfortable creating swatches, working with fonts & drawing in Illustrator as well as working in Photoshop with product images. We are interested in students in the following majors- product design, textile/surface design, graphic design, and illustration with strong design program skills who can work hand in hand with the design team. We love interns with a go-get-em attitude who can execute individual projects and work in small teams. Ideally, we like our interns to commit to 2 days a week, but will work with students’ school/other work schedules. School credit may be arranged based on the requirements of your school.

To apply, please send your resumé and a link to your portfolio or a few examples of your work.

Salary – unpaid/for school credit
Type of Job – Internship

We will be interviewing thru this month.

New toys for our arsenal.

We just added five new assets to our network empire:

1- ( Forthcoming… )

2- (for competitions & etc), (for information)

3- (for buyers) (for sellers & banks/finance companies)

Private Islands for Sale

The idea of owning your own island is probably a remote fantasy these days, especially after three years of economic carnage to your bank account, savings, and retirement portfolio.

But come on. It’s August. Maybe you’re on budget vacation, at the beach, or at a bayfront or lakefront rental. So who hasn’t gazed out at an island from the shore, and wondered what it would be like to own your own kingdom, tethered to civilization only by water or air?

Think Robinson Crusoe. Sir Richard Branson, Johnny Depp, and Celine Dion all own their own islands.

Ram Island

Ram Island
Ram Island, Private Islands Online

Place: Machias Bay, Maine, 50 miles east ofBar Harbor
Asking Price: $595,000
Acreage: 16

One tree, a few sheep, a 20 by 20 foot platform for pitching a tent, and a mooring in the cove. The rest is grass, rocks, and 360-degree views of the ocean and bay.

Charlie’s Island

Charlie's Island
Charlie’s Island, Private Islands Online

Where: Near Marathon, in the Florida Keys
Asking Price: $995,000
Acreage: 0.32

The turquoise-colored roofs you see in the picture are open-air sitting areas with decks, chairs, and a campfire cooking area. But the island also comes with a 38-foot houseboat, not pictured here, that sleeps 4-5 people. Great reefs nearby for snorkeling. All the seafood you can eat.

Snug Harbour Island

Snug Harbour Island
Snug Harbour Island, Private Islands Online

Where: On Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
Asking Price: $1,057,000
Acreage: 3

A two-hour drive from Toronto, this island features a two-bedroom, two-bath cottage with a glassed-in porch overlooking the water, a separate guest cabin with bathroom, hot tub built into the rock outcropping, and a boathouse with deep water mooring. Running water, electric, a septic field. And it has wireless Internet access. So you could get away from it all, but still check your e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Watch Island

Watch Island
Watch Island, Private Islands Online

Place: St. Lawrence Seaway, near Clayton, NY
Asking Price: $1,950,000
Acreage: 1.3

There are 1,400 lakes in the Thousand Lakes region of upstate New York. But few of them come with a 6,500-square-foot mansion — ten bedrooms, four bathrooms, plus a boat house and dock. About an hour-and-a-half drive from either Syracuse or Montreal.

Little Hog Cay

Little Hog Cay, Private Islands Online

Place: Near Abacos, Northern Bahamas
Asking Price: $1,950,000
Acreage: 25
Partially developed

Notice the lagoon that separates the west side of the island from the east. On the west side sits a studio home and a guest cabana with an electric generator. The east side is undeveloped. Marina and airstrip are a 15-minute boat ride away, on the main island of Abacos.

5 Cove Island

Cove Island
Cove Island, Private Islands Online

Place: Howe Sound, British Columbia, between Whistler and Vancouver
Asking Price: $2,950,000
Acreage: 5

A 30-minute boat ride from the city of Vancouver, this island is up for sale to developers, with an approved subdvision plan.

See All 12 Private Islands for Sale

via Private Islands for Sale – Yahoo! Real Estate.

Detroit, Mi! Get Naughty and Nice with Smirnoff Vodka on Sept. 1…(RSVP NOW!)

The RSVP List & Eccentric Marketing


The World’s Best Selling Vodka 


Live Performance from Naughty By Nature

& Sounds by DJ D-Nice

Signature Cocktails, Complimentary Appetizers Read the rest of this entry

HIGHSchool and College Promoters We Want YOU!

Are you the life of the party?  Go out every weekend and spend money?
Here is your chance to GET PAID WHILE YOU PARTY! This is a double promotion advertisement… brought to You via The RSVP Network.


Read more:

MANY Clubs and companies are hiring tons of PROMOTERS.  So are we, and we are looking to have them rated, highlighting and showcasing the best of the best top promoters of America and The World.  We have a global network here, in which MANY many jobs, projects and whatnot are to come, we would like to have representatives from every event and club across the nations to advertise here.  We will not charge you a penny ever, yet offer you the incentive of the global scene to be an indefinite portal of promotional advertisement for your our guests and fans as well as yours alike.  So attention to all promoters, tune in & don’t miss this awesome opportunity.  You may qualify for more than one spot if you have experience!

Promoters are the backbone of many nightlife scenes!

We require the following to be considered:

1) Must be popular, outgoing and enjoy the nightlife
2) Must be at least 18 with proper ID.
3) Required to attend 1 weekend party that you are hired for.
4) Must like to party, hook up friends, make new friends and get paid for it!

to be considered please send a private message to The RSVP Network on facebook or email us.

Contact: ,


Where’s Our Facebook Event RSVP Widget? (coming soon!)

Where’s Facebook’s Event RSVP Widget?

Would you like to see one?   Well we thought about it, and we would.   Would you want to help us create a nice widget for facebook to integrate our network of reservations?  (Bring us your ideas!)


Are you a hungry Marketing Director?

Project Integrations and Reservations


If you are an individual and would like to recruit volunteers for a service project that you are coordinating yourself, you can list your project at one of the following sites.  These sites have already integrated their listings with All for Good, so anything you post there will automatically appear.

Organizations with fewer than 10 volunteer activities

If are with an organization and only have a few listings to post, the easiest way to get them on All for Good is to post them to one of their partner web sites. These sites have already integrated their listings with All for Good, so anything you post there will automatically appear on All for Good. (Note that this won’t happen immediately, so don’t worry if your listings don’t appear on All for Good instantly.) If you’d like to use this option, All for Good recommends you post your activities on one of these sites:

Organizations with more than 10 volunteer activities

If you have more than 10 listings to post, or already have a volunteer management system that you would like to link directly with All for Good, please click here.

Immediate Project – Nearly immediate impact – Help make phone calls.

I need as many people as I can find to help make phone calls to mayors and city counsels around the US to find those willing to receive our help in exchange for accommodations (living expenses) for our stay.

We will help them in many ways so that their towns can be turned around without Federal government help and without reliance on the monetary system.

If you’re willing to do this, please let me know or just start calling. We need help getting our feet in the door in Miami still as well, but all towns and cities, big and small are of interest to our campaign.

Thank you.


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