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Application Programming Interface (API)

Do you know about API’s?   If so we want you to work with us!

To be relevant, you need to source and absorb the right information about the companies, people and industries your company will interface with. Gathering all this in today’s information driven world, and bringing it all into the right systems in timely manner, is challenging and time consuming.

D&B Direct is on-demand cloud access to high quality business data that enables you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate D&B data into your corporate applications or products
  • Enhance the quality and completeness of data within your business databases
  • Improve the effectiveness of your teams and business applications
  • Provide on-demand business data to the entire enterprise

Success Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe

Success MythsWhy are some people wildly successful in business, while others just don’t seem to ever get anything going?  Sometimes the reasons are obvious.  Someone who’s lazy, unpleasant to be around, overly negative, or just plain dumb, for instance, doesn’t have much chance of being a business success.  They might win the lottery or something like that, but they won’t be able to successfully build a sustainable business.  It’s not always as clear why someone is successful though, and many people who haven’t yet seen success resort to believing and repeating common myths to explain it.

The danger in buying into these myths is that they rob power from those who believe them.  If you believe people are only successful if luck is on their side, for example, you’re saying success is out of your control.  So look over this list of myths and realities and endeavor to eliminate these beliefs from your mind.  Your business and your life will be better for it. Read the rest of this entry

26 Letters Of The Online Marketing Alphabet

Thanks to the internet, marketing campaigns need no longer be destined for TV screens or street-side billboards. With the rise of social media, blogs and a world of online conversation, brands now have direct access to their consumers and can interact with them on an amazingly personal level. Read the rest of this entry

HIGHSchool and College Promoters We Want YOU!

Are you the life of the party?  Go out every weekend and spend money?
Here is your chance to GET PAID WHILE YOU PARTY! This is a double promotion advertisement… brought to You via The RSVP Network.


Read more:

MANY Clubs and companies are hiring tons of PROMOTERS.  So are we, and we are looking to have them rated, highlighting and showcasing the best of the best top promoters of America and The World.  We have a global network here, in which MANY many jobs, projects and whatnot are to come, we would like to have representatives from every event and club across the nations to advertise here.  We will not charge you a penny ever, yet offer you the incentive of the global scene to be an indefinite portal of promotional advertisement for your our guests and fans as well as yours alike.  So attention to all promoters, tune in & don’t miss this awesome opportunity.  You may qualify for more than one spot if you have experience!

Promoters are the backbone of many nightlife scenes!

We require the following to be considered:

1) Must be popular, outgoing and enjoy the nightlife
2) Must be at least 18 with proper ID.
3) Required to attend 1 weekend party that you are hired for.
4) Must like to party, hook up friends, make new friends and get paid for it!

to be considered please send a private message to The RSVP Network on facebook or email us.

Contact: ,


Project Integrations and Reservations


If you are an individual and would like to recruit volunteers for a service project that you are coordinating yourself, you can list your project at one of the following sites.  These sites have already integrated their listings with All for Good, so anything you post there will automatically appear.

Organizations with fewer than 10 volunteer activities

If are with an organization and only have a few listings to post, the easiest way to get them on All for Good is to post them to one of their partner web sites. These sites have already integrated their listings with All for Good, so anything you post there will automatically appear on All for Good. (Note that this won’t happen immediately, so don’t worry if your listings don’t appear on All for Good instantly.) If you’d like to use this option, All for Good recommends you post your activities on one of these sites:

Organizations with more than 10 volunteer activities

If you have more than 10 listings to post, or already have a volunteer management system that you would like to link directly with All for Good, please click here.

4 Lessons from Billionaire College Entrepreneurs


There are more than enough college business success stories to go around – and I’m not talking about that dude who lived next to you in your dorm and made enough money for books by selling home-made Che Guevara t-shirts. I’m talking about the businesses that started in college and became billion-dollar companies. There’s something to learn from the Zuckerbergs, Dells and Gateses of the world. Here are four of those lessons. Read the rest of this entry

History of Hacking

5 short videos, this first one is ten minutes short! EXTREMELY informative for those of you new to the world of hacking and interested in not wasting your time with nonsense.

History of Hacking

During the 1970′s, the phone phreaks or phone hackers appeared: they learned ways to hack the telephonic system and make phone calls for free.

John Draper built a ‘blue box’ that could do this and the Esquire magazine published an article on how to build them. Fascinated by this discovery, two kids, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, decided to sell these blue boxes, starting a business friendship which resulted in the founding of Apple.

Getting their laughs and skills from hacking and cracking into primitive computers and exploiting the Arpanet (predecessor to the internet), they created a novelty that would become the target of federal crackdown in years to come.… Read More

via 2600Hertz

Swype Reinvents Typing on Touch-Screen Phones

Stuart Isett for The New York Times

Demonstrating the Swype software on a Samsung smartphone.

Swype Reinvents Typing on Touch-Screen Phones –

Bagdad Battery

The first electric battery, was invented in 1800 by the Count Alassandro Volta!!

The UnMuseum – Bagdad Battery.

Will Face the Nation Factcheck Guest’s Healthcare Lies?

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)

Action Alert

Will Face the Nation Factcheck Guest’s Healthcare Lies?
CBS’s Schieffer owes audience the truth


CBS‘s Face the Nation (3/28/10) covered the passage of healthcare reform by inviting Democratic National Committee chair Tim Kaine and two Republican critics on the program–one of whom spread misinformation that went unchallenged by host Bob Schieffer.

What’s notable about this is that CBS has since posted on its website a debunking of the two claims made by the guest, conservative Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota.

At the very beginning of the interview, Bachmann explained her opposition to the new healthcare law: “Now we have the federal government, Bob, taking over ownership or control of 51 percent of the American economy. This is stunning. Prior to September of 2008, 100 percent of the private economy was private.”

Schieffer’s response was to point out that some of what she appeared to be talking about–the TARP bailouts–began under the Bush administration. A more important point to make, though, is that Bachmann’s claim doesn’t make sense. Government spending as a share of the country’s gross domestic product is nowhere near Bachmann’s claim. What she was apparently trying to say is thatgovernment bailouts of various industries are the same as “taking over ownership” of about a third of the economy, and that the new healthcare law amounts to a similar takeover of 18 percent of the economy–which adds up to over half of the economy. Since the government is not in fact “taking over” healthcare or the financial industry, the analogy makes no sense.

Another bit of evidence against the healthcare law that Bachmann offered was this: “The New EnglandJournal of Medicine released a survey the week that President Obama signed Obamacare stating that over 30 percent of American physicians would leave the profession if the government took over healthcare.”

The Journal neither conducted nor released any such study. A private physicians search firm posted a press release claiming this finding on the NEJM CareerCenter website, part of an employment newsletter published by the same company that publishes the Journal.

So much of the national debate over healthcare reform was marred by these types of wild exaggerations, many of which were not factchecked by journalists. It was encouraging, then, to seeCBS publish a piece on its website by CBS associate news producer David Riedel (3/29/10) headlined “Bachmann Offers Big Numbers, Little Proof.” Making that information available to a Web audience is important. But if CBS believes Bachmann’s rhetoric was misleading, they should say so in the same place they gave her to make these claims. Correcting the record only on the Web–as ABC‘s George Stephanopoulos did when Rudolph Giuliani made inaccurate claims about 9/11 on Good Morning America (Extra!3/10)–does a disservice to your TV audience.

In an interview last year with Jon Friedman (Marketwatch5/15/09), Face the Nation host Schieffer expressed no tolerance for those who would mislead his TV audience: “When I asked him how he feels when subjects lie to him on the air or try to mislead the audience, he got right to the point. ‘I want to jump across the table and choke them,’ he said.”

If he meant that, then he should tell his audience the truth.

Encourage CBS‘s Face the Nation to share its Web debunking of Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s rhetoric on its upcoming April 4 broadcast.

CBS Face the Nation
(202) 457-4481

Please post copies of your letters or comments below for the world to witness.  Thanks

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