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Application Programming Interface (API)

Do you know about API’s?   If so we want you to work with us!

To be relevant, you need to source and absorb the right information about the companies, people and industries your company will interface with. Gathering all this in today’s information driven world, and bringing it all into the right systems in timely manner, is challenging and time consuming.

D&B Direct is on-demand cloud access to high quality business data that enables you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate D&B data into your corporate applications or products
  • Enhance the quality and completeness of data within your business databases
  • Improve the effectiveness of your teams and business applications
  • Provide on-demand business data to the entire enterprise

New toys for our arsenal.

We just added five new assets to our network empire:

1- ( Forthcoming… )

2- (for competitions & etc), (for information)

3- (for buyers) (for sellers & banks/finance companies)

True Stories Behind Car Company Logos

Find out why Ferraris prance, Chevys wear a bowtie and much more

By Nick Kurczewski
True Stories Behind the Company Badge

Did a wallpaper pattern in a Paris hotel room inspire the famous Chevrolet Bowtie emblem? Does the blue and white BMW roundel really symbolize a propeller and sky? And was the Porsche logo first sketched on a napkin in a New York City restaurant? In the world of automobile logos, truth can be stranger than fiction—though a good story can go a long way toward embellishing a brand’s corporate identity.

From Ferrari’s Prancing Horse to Cadillac’s crest, automobile logos appear on everything from steering wheel hubs to giant billboards, and even the lapel pins on the suits of company executives. This kind of flexibility is one of the design elements needed for an effective and strong logo, says Jack Gernsheimer, Creative Director of Partners Design Inc. and author of Designing Logos: The Process of Creating Symbols that Endure. Read the rest of this entry

Robin Hood Digital Wars: Is This Only The Start?


The Robin Hood digital attacks against anti-piracy law firms and copyright-focused associations have gone on for nearly two weeks now, with a number of prominent groups involved. The protest organisers, dubbing themselves “Anonymous,” have been calling on like-minded individuals through social networking sites 4chan, Reddit, Digg and Twitter to launch Distributed Denial of Service — DDoS — attacks against a number of media authorities involved in anti-piracy actions. Recruiting fliers — as pictured — have been posted all around the world in multiple languages. Thousands of online people from all around the world have been encouraged to join in, stand up, and digitally attack the anti-piracy lobby. Read the rest of this entry

Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs

DAVID SEGAL, On Sunday September 19, 2010, 2:09 am EDT
Cambridge, Mass.

IMAGINE you are a venture capitalist. One day a man comes to you and says, “I want to build the game layer on top of the world.”

You don’t know what “the game layer” is, let alone whether it should be built atop the world. But he has a passionate speech about a business plan, conceived when he was a college freshman, that he says will change the planet — making it more entertaining, more engaging, and giving humans a new way to interact with businesses and one another. Read the rest of this entry


I had to take the moment to give myself a Global Shout Out!

Happy Birthday Arnold!!!

Happy Birthday Arnold!!!

After all, it’s the most special day to me… and this domain, and every other domain we run.

I’d also like to add, I love the new features that is offering.  Guys, if you don’t know, check them out!

New Features – Meetup.

20 Amazing Women Entrepreneurs

These days, it seems successful entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere.  And some of the most impressive entrepreneurial success stories are those of women who have accomplished amazing things in every area of business imaginable.  From IT to retail, and from marketing to inventions, women have shown they are a force to be reckoned with.  So we’ve put together a list of 20 of these amazing women to pay tribute to their accomplishments and recognize their contributions to the entrepreneurial world.  They are truly an inspiration to us all. Read the rest of this entry

Are you a hungry Marketing Director?

Advertisers to Spend $1.7 Billion on Social Networks in 2010

The latest numbers from eMarketer project that advertisers will spend nearly $1.7 billion in the U.S. on social networking sites in 2010. Worldwide, spending will hit $3.3 billion according to the report.

The numbers represent a significant bump up from estimates published by the research firm at the end of last year, when they projected $1.3 billion would be spent on the space in the U.S.

Not surprisingly, eMarketer sees about half of that money (in the U.S.) going to Facebook, with MySpace continuing to see a smaller share of the pie. Separately, the firm estimated that Facebook’s 2010 revenue would hit $1.2 billion in a report published last week. Read the rest of this entry

Joan Daemen – INSPIRATION!

Joan Daemen (Dutch pronunciation: [joːˈɑn ˈdeːmən]; born 1965, in AchelLimburgBelgium) is a Belgian cryptographer and one of the designers of Rijndael, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), together with Vincent Rijmen. He has also designed or co-designed theMMBSquareSHARKNOEKEON3-Way, and BaseKing block ciphers. More recently, he co-designed the Keccak cryptographic hash function that is one of the candidates for SHA-3.

In 1988, Daemen graduated in electro-mechanical engineering at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He subsequently joined the COSIC research group, and has worked on the design and cryptanalysis of block ciphersstream ciphers and cryptographic hash functions. Daemen completed his PhD in 1995, at which point he worked for a year at Janssen Pharmaceutica in BeerseBelgium. He subsequently worked at the BACOB bank, BanksysProton World and then STMicroelectronics.

Joan Daemen – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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