China Discovers Teleportation – RSVP Your Teleportations NOW!

China Teleports Photons 10 Miles, Surpasses U.S./European Record

China is working towards using quantum physics to beam light and matter across free space. It thus far claims to have achieved photon transport across a distance of 10 miles, over 25 times the previous U.S./European record. (Source: Fried Post)

Chinese researchers use quantum physics to “teleport” photons across 10 miles of empty space

China has been taking a beating in the U.S. press lately. the Chinese company Foxxconn has experienced problems with employees committing suicide, the country has not warmed up toU.S. greenhouse gas cut initiatives and has placed a ban on internet maps and satellite imaging. However, the country can be commended for its latest effort — achieving quantum teleportation.

Scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China and Tsinghua University were able to stream quantum information over 16 km of free space, approximately 10 miles. It’s called teleportation, but the matter is not actually moved, instead the quantum state of an object is transferred to another (when something is done to the first object, it immediately happens to the second one).


We may never be able to teleport ourselves “Star Trek”-style, but scientists managed to transmit information a record distance using entangled photons.


  • Scientists manage to teleport information nearly 10 miles with unprecedented precision.
  • The team used quantum entanglement to teleport the information.
  • The feat could lead to a global, impenetrable communication network and powerful quantum computers.

At the 16km distance tested, China would be able to send these secure messages from its network of satellites to units on the ground. Luce also says the choice of a blue laser — instead of an infrared one like the U.S. has been testing — was chosen with its growing submarine fleet in mind since blue lasers penetrate farther underwater. Soon, Chinese satellites could be able to communicate with submarines without them needing to surface or give away their location by breaking radio silence. This may sound like science-fiction, but quantum encryption is already used by a few banks and governments for highly sensitive information on a smaller scale. The Chinese scientists write in Nature Photonics that a quantum communication network could be “within reach of current technology on a global scale.” Sounds like THE RSVP Network to me. ;]

The advance in secure communications comes none too soon. With ever-increasing computing power, the expiration date on today’s cryptography techniques could be looming, Luce says. Right now, breaking modern encryption techniques require such computing power that one can change the code long before a computer has time to crack it. But “it’s become very difficult to ‘future proof’ the encryption of data,” Luce writes for the Jamestown Foundation. Tomorrow’s computers will improve and data could suddenly become unprotected, while quantum teleportation, he says, “has a seemingly infinite time horizon.”(Comment on these stories.)

Though the Chinese scientists claim in their peer-reviewed paper that this experiment communicated quantum information more than 20 times farther than previous tests over open space, this may not be entirely true. According to Luce in 2005, a group of universities along with defense corporations with a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) transferred quantum information over 23 km (14 miles) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Though Luce writes that a few differences in the DARPA project “may not technically disqualify the Chinese” from their claims, it’s clear the U.S. military is also investing in this technology. Luce says it’s difficult to know how far the U.S. is in developing quantum teleportation, “because a lot of the U.S. work is classified.”

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