Should You Buy an ‘All You Can Jet’ Pass?

Consumers with busy fall travel plans have a shot at unlimited travel at bargain prices this fall, but they’ll need to act quickly.

JetBlue Airways has brought back its “All You Can Jet” pass, which allows customers to fly coach on any of the airline’s routes as often as they like for a month. Travelers can choose between a $499 pass that excludes Friday and Sunday travel, or a $699 pass for travel on any day. Both passes are good for travel between Sept. 7 and Oct. 6. They include taxes for domestic flights. Passes are available until Aug. 20, or until the airline sells out, whichever happens first.

The pass was first offered in August 2009 for $599.

“Last year it was pretty well received,” says Rick Seaney, the chief executive of pricing site (Passes sold out in two days, and reports from travelers were positive.) “With fares up 20% compared with last year, it’s still a very good deal,” he says.

Should You Buy an ‘All You Can Jet’ Pass?.

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  1. Do have an opinion either way regarding the AYCJ Pass? I believe it is a great deal as long as you get a couple flights in beyond hopping within you own state once or twice.

    • My opinion, is to not fly lol I hate flying! Unless highly medicated or for emergency, i think very passenger should be set up with parachutes in case the need arrives… and within the parachute compartment backpack a flotation device in case at sea which would inflate via small co2 cartridges and what not…

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