Balanzza’s All-New Mini Digital Luggage Scale

You have to agree with us when we say, that traveling has become a major hassle as of late. Going into an airport is becoming more and more of a mission with all of the new rules and regulations that seem to be added on a daily basis. We won’t even go into the security lines and how we’ll all soon be walking through naked (plus it really doesn’t pertain to the gadget this week), but we will say that it’s nearly impossible to get any bags checked in without having to pay some sort of extra fee. Weight restrictions are strict and they don’t seem to be letting up any time soon. This week’s gadget will at least help your mind be at ease prior to checking your bags in, giving you a bit of peace of mind instead of having the airline rep surprise you with your baggage weight.

The all-new Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage scale will tell you exactly how heavy those suitcases are, even before you head into the airport to face their giant scale. You’ll know exactly what it ways and what you’re either expected to pay or not pay, and the best part is that it fits in your pocket. No need to lug around a big scale or crush your tiny bathroom scale with your suitcase anymore.  But beware, the maximum weight it can handle is 111lbs.


  • Small and can fit in a pocket.
  • Switchable between lbs and kgs
  • Only costs $40


  • Can only handle 111lbs.

Balanzza’s All-New Mini Digital Luggage Scale.

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