Joan Daemen – INSPIRATION!

Joan Daemen (Dutch pronunciation: [joːˈɑn ˈdeːmən]; born 1965, in AchelLimburgBelgium) is a Belgian cryptographer and one of the designers of Rijndael, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), together with Vincent Rijmen. He has also designed or co-designed theMMBSquareSHARKNOEKEON3-Way, and BaseKing block ciphers. More recently, he co-designed the Keccak cryptographic hash function that is one of the candidates for SHA-3.

In 1988, Daemen graduated in electro-mechanical engineering at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He subsequently joined the COSIC research group, and has worked on the design and cryptanalysis of block ciphersstream ciphers and cryptographic hash functions. Daemen completed his PhD in 1995, at which point he worked for a year at Janssen Pharmaceutica in BeerseBelgium. He subsequently worked at the BACOB bank, BanksysProton World and then STMicroelectronics.

Joan Daemen – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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