Worlds Largest Banks

Source: Balance Sheet of respective banks (2009).
  • Amsouth Bank
  • Assets of the largest 1,000 banks in the world grew by 6.8% in the 2008/2009 FY. Growth in assets in adverse market conditions was largely a result of recapitalization.

    List Of World’s Largest Banks

    Bank Country Assets ( $b) Capital ( $b)
    The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC UK 3,483 14.36
    Deutsche Bank, Germany 3,068 2.04
    Barclays PLC UK 2,977 3.04
    BNP Paribas SA France 2,892 19.27
    Credit Agricole SA France 2,303 38.14
    UBS AG Switzerland 1,881 0.27
    JP Morgan Chase Bank NA USA 1,746 1.78
    Societe Generale France 1,574 1.01
    The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. Japan 1,494 12
    Bank of America USA 1,472 3.02
    HSBC Bank UK 1,340 1.16
    Citibank NA USA 1,231 0.75

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