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Public Insight Journalism is all about listening to you.  It relies on your personal experiences and expertise.

Sign up and tell us a little about yourself.

Then, about once a month, we will email you a couple of questions on knowledge you may have of relevant and important topics.

The information goes to our Public Insight Journalism Analyst, Walyce Almeida, who will look for coverage ideas as well as potential sources.  You may then be contacted for further questions or a formal interview.

Moreover, the information you provide will be confidential and it will not be used for marketing, fundraising or advertising purposes. It may be used for stories only with your permission by The Miami Herald Media Company, which includes The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald as well as WLRN.

To learn more about the confidentiality, see our privacy policy for Public Insight Network Participants.

Q. What is the Public Insight Network?

The Public Insight Network, a group of thousands of people who have agreed to help us cover the news, is the heart of our new approach to journalism. Journalists with The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and WLRN are partnering with the public to find diverse sources and a broader range of information.

Many of our public sources will tell us about their work, education, passions and expertise. Almost daily, we will ask some of these public sources in the network to share their observations and knowledge with us on specific stories. Our public insight analyst takes that information, distills it, and passes it on to our reporters and editors. An analyst may follow up with a request for more information, or perhaps an interview with a public source.

We will also ask public sources to tell us about stories that we should be covering – stories that matter to them and are not on our radar. These public insights help us set our agenda for coverage and inform our reporting. We believe this partnership creates more diverse and in-depth news and cultural coverage. It also makes The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and WLRN an even more trusted and credible source of news and information.

Q. How is this different from how your journalists have worked in the past?

Our journalists are always trying to find the best sources and the best information to tell their stories. Yet it’s challenging to find sources who are beyond the usual spokespeople, officials and experts. And it’s tough to survey a wide range of knowledge quickly under a deadline.

Until recently, we lacked the ability to ask many people to share what they know with us on any given story. Now, e-mail and the Internet make that possible – and we can interact with people so quickly it can even help with breaking news. Those same technologies also allow us to keep track of information in a central database and distill it into a powerful storehouse of intelligence.

Our partner, American Public Media, created specialized software to gather knowledge and insight from the public and then manage that information so it is available to help the journalists at The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and WLRN.

Q. How will you use the information people give you?

We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our public sources. Our journalists will not quote anyone on the air, in print or online without first getting permission. Personal information shared with us is tightly restricted to a small group of public insight analysts and other journalists working directly on stories using public sources. No one else will use this information to contact our sources.

We will use the knowledge, observations and expertise people provide to inform our news and cultural reporting. Our public insight analysts maintain relationships with public sources, distill the information we receive, check it and pass the best information and sources to our reporters. From there, reporters do what they have always done – research and interview to produce balanced stories that get at the truth, and put it in context. top

Q. How do I share what I know with you?

In general, we will ask for your help by e-mail (and phone calls if you don’t have e-mail.) We’ll tell you about a topic we are researching. If you have expertise on the topic or relevant experience, we’ll ask you to share that information in a brief survey. If you don’t have knowledge, you should ignore the request or forward it to someone you think might have expertise on the topic.

We will also occasionally ask you to share your ideas for stories we should be covering. We will consider every idea that comes in, especially if you provide specific information to help us pursue the story. Of course, we can’t cover every story people suggest.

You can e-mail us anytime at with questions, ideas, criticism or suggestions.

Q. Why do you ask for information about me?

We ask for information about you so that we can better target our requests to you and focus on topics where you are likely to have experience and insight. Sometimes we will ask you for help on varied stories to explore new areas where you have expertise we don’t know about.

Rest assured, we will not share this private information beyond the public insight analysts and other journalists working on stories based on your insights.

Q. What’s American Public Media?

American Public Media is one of the nation’s premier public radio producers, and their programs are listened to by 14.7 million people each week. American Public Media’s news and information programs that are using Public Insight Network are Marketplace, Marketplace Money, Future Tense, American RadioWorks, Speaking of Faith, and Splendid Table.

Q. How is American Public Media connected with The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and WLRN?

The Public Insight Network is a service that American Public Media provides to news organizations around the country to build capacity for in-depth and insightful news and information programming and coverage. When you become part of the Public Insight Network through, you will also have the opportunity to inform American Public Media’s programs, including MarketplaceSpeaking of Faith, andThe Story.

Q. I have more questions. Who do I ask?

If you have questions that this FAQ didn’t answer, please email us at You can also go to our sign up page to become a public source now. Thanks for helping us strengthen our journalism by sharing what you know.

Public Insight Journalism (PIJ) is a way for people to provide journalists with insights — knowledge and experience — into timely issues. The heart of PIJ is the Public Insight Network, a group of people who have agreed to help us cover the news. The Miami Herald Media Company contacts Public Insight Network participants via survey forms, email and other digital media to ask editorially relevant questions about topics related to our reporting.

Information provided to The Miami Herald Media Company: You may join the Public Insight Network via The Miami Herald Media Company or one of the other newsrooms of or partnered with our partnering organization, American Public Media.

When you join, you’ll be asked to supply:

  • Your name.
  • Your email address and any other contact information you’d like us to use to get in touch with you.
  • Some personal background information that provides context for your insight. For example, you may be asked to provide your age and educational background.
  • Your insight on a topic that is relevant to our reporting.

You must be 13 years or older to submit information through the Public Insight Network.

How The Miami Herald Media Company stores your data: The data you supply is stored in a separate, secure database at American Public Media. It may be accessed by a small circle of journalists from The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and WLRN as part of their reporting. Through our partnership with American Public Media, you may also have opportunities to inform reporting on radio programs such as MarketplaceMarketplace MoneySpeaking of FaithAmerican RadioWorksMinnesota Public Radio News, and other partnered newsrooms.. It is never combined with information that you provide as a part of other relationships that you may have with The Miami Herald Media Company.

How The Miami Herald Media Company may use your data: The Miami Herald Media Company will not use your name, personal information, or the insights you share for any purpose other than the Public Insight Network. If you agree to let us broadcast, publish or make public a specific insight, then your permission will apply only to that insight. Permission for use of a specific insight is not deemed permission for the public use of any other prior or future insight. Your name and/or personal information will never be traded, sold, or rented to other organizations. You will never be solicited or receive marketing materials from The Miami Herald Media Company or from any other organization as a result of your participation in the Public Insight Network. Your participation in the Insight Network, and the information and insights you share therein, will have no influence or effect on any other interaction you may have with The Miami Herald Media Company, and vice versa.

How other PIJ newsrooms may use your data: The Miami Herald Media Company has relationships with other organizations that use PIJ in their newsrooms. You may sign up for the Insight Network via one of those other organizations, and may “opt in” to provide insights to multiple organizations. If you choose to share insights with more than one PIJ newsroom, your prior insights will be visible to journalists in both organizations for background purposes. If you give us permission to publish your comments, we may edit them before reading them on-air, publishing them in print or posting them to The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, WLRN or American Public Media’s websites. We reserve the right to reuse or republish your submission, or to withhold it from publication.

How to learn more about PIJ and the Insight Network: For additional information about PIJ and the Public Insight Network, please see our About Page link.

This “Special Note for Public Insight Network Participants” supplements the other information contained in this “Your Privacy Rights” page. All other portions of “Your Privacy Rights” remain in full force and effect. If a discrepancy arises between the provisions of this Special Note and those found elsewhere on this page, then the provisions of this Special Note will apply.

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