Microsoft offers free software training

Technology giant Microsoft Corp. will offer free software training and certification to 26,000 Massachusetts residents through a partnership with the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, the Patrick administration announced today.

Microsoft will offer 13,000 vouchers for online courses on its Window Vista operating system and popular Microsoft Office software suite; 5,000 vouchers for course for information technology professionals and developers; 5,000 vouchers for Office 2007 certification exams; and 3,000 vouchers for Office 2003 certification exams. The vouchers become available today, on a first-come, first served basis at the state’s 37 One Stop Career Centers.

“This public private partnership is exactly the kind of innovative program we need to help our workforce advance,” Governor Deval Patrick said in a statement. “Massachusetts residents will benefit from the opportunity to strengthen their computer skills as we continue to lead the way in businesses that rely heavily on technology.”

The Massachusetts training program is part of a broader effort by Microsoft to improve the technology skills of least 2 million people across the country. Microsoft has already provided 1 million training vouchers in 14 other states. Massachusetts is the first New England state to participate in the program.

“At Microsoft,” said Gail Thomas Flynn, the company’s vice president of state and local government, “we believe that this type of public-private partnership is playing an integral role in building the economy of states and localities across the country, making available the technology training that can expand employment and opportunity for many.”

The state’s career centers are holding open houses today to introduce and promote the program. Vouchers for the on-line courses must be activated before June 29, with the courses available for a year after activation. Certification exams must be completed before June 29. More information is available at or call 1-888-578-6599.

Participants must register at one of the state’s career centers. For a listing of career center locations, go to a state website at

via Microsoft will offer free software training – Daily Business Update – The Boston Globe.

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