Thousands of emails compromised by scammers

If you access your email online, you may want to read this notification.

Do you have an email account with AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo? If so, now might be a good time to change your password. This past weekend, thousands of Hotmail usernames and passwords were leaked onto a website. Similar information from other email websites soon followed.

Microsoft has confirmed the leak and said that it’s likely the result of a massive phishing scheme, a malicious scam that seek to gain a user’s account information. Scammers send an email pretending to be a bank, eBay, PayPal, or email provider and ask people to “update or confirm your account settings.” When someone clicks the link and enters his or her log-in information, the scammers gain access to the account.

Microsoft has provided tips on how to avoid phishing attacks. Read it for future reference. In the meantime, you may want to change your password immediately, just to be on the safe side. It’s better to be paranoid than to deal with the headaches and security risks if your account was compromised.

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