Donald Trump launches a new Network!

Billionaire Donld J. Trump is ready to launch The Trump Network!
Team Trump Network!

Partner with Billionaire Donald J. Trump and start your own home-based business. This is not an employment position, but a very unique ground-floor business opportunity. Enrolling in the Fast Start Program as an Independent Marketer of The Trump Network, you’ll get the whole package of:

• The Donald Trump Brand-Name (known internationally);
• Scientifically Formulated and Proven Products;
• State-of-The Art Training;
• Marketing Support;
• Unlimited Earning Potential;
• Commissions PAID WEEKLY;
• Monthly Bonuses;
• Team Override Bonuses (For Those Qualified)
• Communications Web Portal;
• Online CRM and Ordering Portal; and
• Time Freedom to Enjoy The Better Things in Life

THE TRUMP NETWORK is a unique marketing opportunity, designed to make people healthier with customized vitamins and nutritional supplements, and to encourage individuals to become entrepreneurs and to take control of their financial well-being. If you know anything about network marketing-and anything about the power of the Trump brand- you’ll know this is an extraordinary opportunity.

Be prepared to reap the rewards when The Trump Network is launched in Fall 2009, and discover the difference between opportunity and success. For additional information about The Trump Network, please visit us at right now!


The Trump Network
Independent Marketer

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  1. If you leave TTN, terminate or otherwise, this is what you could receive if you and your marketer friends stay in touch:

    Grimes & Reese
    A Professional Company
    Attorneys and Counselors

    Spencer M. Reese
    Cell: (208)249-0533
    Utah Tel. (801) 745-6362
    615 Hoopes Avenue
    Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401-6106
    Tel. (208) 522-2600
    Fax: (208) 524-568

    RE: The Trump Network

    Dear [name]:

    I represent The Trump Network (“TTN”). TTN has learned that you have acquired contact information for a number of TTN Marketers, and seeking to use TTN’s network as a conduit to market other products or services. Although your Marketer Agreement with TTN has been terminated, you nevertheless remain bound by an ongoing obligation not to use TTN’s confidential information. TTN therefore demands that you immediately stop contacting TTN’s Marketers for any purpose. Should you fail to do so, TTN will institute legal proceedings against you seeking injunctive relief, damages, attorneys fees and costs. This will be the only warning you will receive from TTN.

    This letter is written under full reservation of rights.


    Spencer M. Reese

    cc. Scott Stanwood
    Eliot Bolan

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