I love chess, checkmate.

The game of chess is by far one of the most complex board games there is. Being a two-player game, each begins with sixteen pieces each of which has limitations as to their movements across the board.

Before making a move each player visualizes possibilities for his opponents counter move within his mind, the depth of which can be very intense.

Most times when moving a chess piece the player must make sure the place where a piece is moved to is protected by another. Sometimes moves are based on the weight of the Chess pieces. Sometimes pieces are sacrificed to force an opponent into a more vulnerable situation.

In this case, the chess game is the orchestration of arguments designed to awaken a people from the lie they are unknowingly living and exposing the operation of those who bestowed those lies.

If someone is living a lie they will most likely reject information that contradicts what they were taught. To wake someone up from living that lie a teacher must uncover evidences of deliberate misguidance by the societal system the student resides in through the construct of literal arguments designed to reveal the effects the societal system has had on the individual.

Check Mate

Many people will rewrite definitions of words in the dictionary to make them fit in with what they believe or were taught and not the facts. Unless the definitions of words remain static there can be no truth. Further more, those definitions must coincide with common sense, logic and circumstantial evidence presented.

If common sense, logic and circumstantial evidence coincide with an argument, that argument can be nothing more then the truth for that is what truth is comprised of. It is Check Mate and the student must accept what is being taught as the truth.

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