A Tennessee lawyer says non english speaking immigrants get special treatment when applying for concealed weapons permits & etc.

From: Autochthon (e-mail him)

By way of introduction, I am a lawyer who works for a large Nashville law firm with other lawyers that promote immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens, affirmative action, and similar policies.

I recently completed the course required to obtain my permit to carryconcealed weapons in Tennessee. Come test time my instructors, otherwise sane men from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, offered to read the questions aloud for anyone unable to read. When some of my classmates expressed mild surprise that basic literacy isn’t a requirement for personswishing to carry concealed firearms, the instructors explained that “new Americans and people whose language isn’t English often had trouble completing the test.

As a lawyer, I anticipate that the day is not long off when aliens arrested formisusing firearms will claim in their defense an inability to understand the orders of police officers or signs restricting firearms.

I’m surprised we don’t already see this logic applied to traffic violations by aliens.

VDARE.COM note: “Autochthon” meaning a native to the place where found, as an American living in America.

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