A Reader in Saudi Arabia Has A Victory Chant for Our Side

From: William Corr (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A California Reader Says Bo Sears Must Not Have “Anything Better To Do”

As letter writer Shane Mahoney rightly suggests his response, we ought to grab those nasty epithets that offend Sears like “gringo” and flip them around ju-jitsu fashion to serve our purposes.

Try these out for size:

  • Los Gringos Unidos / Jamas Seran Vencidos *

 [Chant it aloud in unison. It has good snap and rhyme to it.]

  • *Nosotros Los Gringos Unidos / Jamas Seremos Vencidos*

 [Nine syllables followed by two in ‘Jamas’ then three and three; perfect to set to music]

Corr writes from Dhahran in Saudi Arabia where he teaches in a medical school. His previous letter about women who serve in the military is here.

Joe Guzzardi adds: I like it! For those who need a translation, Corr’s ditty goes: “Gringos united will never be defeated!” Too bad the English version loses quite a bit of its punch.

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