Madoff’s family.

Bernard Madoff (© Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

By now, we all know who Bernard Madoff is and about his reported $50 billion Ponzi scheme. To consider the scale of his theft hurts the brain. But what about the other faces at his financial firm, which was purported to be a family business? Who are they?

Here’s a rundown of family members who had connections to Madoff’s business. None has been charged in connection with Madoff’s alleged crimes, but wife Ruth is said to be under investigation.

Ruth Madoff: wife, age 67. Ruth, Bernard’s high school sweetheart, has been an active fundraiser, especially for Jewish charities. She’s a big Democratic donor and plays with a 30.6 handicap at the Palm Beach Country Club golf course.

Interesting connection: Wolfgang Puck; Ruth adapted some of his recipes for her kosher cookbook.

Hot search: Ruth Madoff photographs. (Hard to find, but that hasn’t stopped people from looking.)

Mark Madoff: son, age 44. He and his brother were the ones to blow the whistle on their father’s fraud.

Interesting connection: Mary Schapiro, Barack Obama’s nominee to chair the Securities and Exchange Commission, once gave him a job.

Hot search: photos of his Connecticut manse.

Andrew Madoff: son, age 42. He hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing, but he raised ire last month during a New York City shopping spree.

Interesting connection: He sold his apartment to this “Sopranos” creator.

Hot search: Here’s the address.

Peter Madoff: brother, age 62. He graduated fromthis law school and joined the family business (he’s senior managing director).

Interesting connection: Peter’s son, Roger, though also a trader, was better known as a memoirist (he died in 2006).

Hot search: these pricey accessories, which Peter may have received from Bernard last month.

Shana Madoffniece, age 38. She’s married to a former SEC employee. She’s a rumored shopaholic.

Hot search: photos of her, of course.


As for Madoff’s investors? MSN Money has one victim’s story.

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